How to NOT Work on Your Summer Vacation

Hey there!

Welcome to Summer (the least in the Northern Hemisphere).  I hope all of my States-side followers had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Today we’re tackling a critical issue: how to NOT work on your vacation.  This is a killer video that contains skills that literally everyone I know can use– even me!

In the comments below, I want to hear from you!

1. What’s your #1 takeaway from this video?

2. What are YOUR tips to avoid working on vacation?  I’d love to know.

Wishing all of you a happy and healthy summer!


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4 thoughts on “How to NOT Work on Your Summer Vacation

  1. This is such great advice. I took an ALMOST work free weekend over the holiday weekend and it was so good for me on so many levels. And my business. I love your “put the phone AWAY” tip, it’s such habit to check my phone constantly, so all good intentions will go awry if I don’t physically remove it. Thanks!

  2. This is GREAT! I wish my husband and I were better at this, but it was always very tough when we were both running his own businesses. The only times we have really been able to completely disconnect is when we went to a location with no internet/wifi etc. We did this for a few days last year when we went up the Northern CA coast where there was little cell coverage. We did have WiFi in our B&B, but it prevented us from constantly checking email when we were out and about enjoying the beautiful coastline. We’ve also managed to find places in the past eg Thailand, where you had to go to an Internet Cafe to check email. Otherwise, it can be challenging to disconnect, but your advice is GREAT especially now that hubbv’s working for a large corporation again. Thank you!!!!

    1. Hey Lilas! So glad you enjoyed the video.

      I do recommend to clients who have a really hard time stepping away from the internet that they seek out vacation spots where there is no internet access. Costa Rica was a great place to do this until a few years ago when infrastructure started to really improve there. Good for you for adopting the same strategies! I hope your husband finds it easier next time. 🙂

      All the best,

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