How Long Do YOU Intend to Wait?

hatemyjobIn early 2009, during a fit of spring cleaning, I made a gruesome discovery.

I found an old tote bag in the back of my closet, seemingly full of junk, the contents of which dated back to roughly 1999.

At the bottom of that bag was a book. The title now escapes me, but the theme was familiar.

It was something like . . .

“How to Be Happy at Work”


“What to Do When You’re Miserable on the Job”


“How to Deal with Horrible Bosses”

As I pulled that book out of the bag, I began to wonder how many other books I owned that shared the same theme.  Sure enough, when I went over to my bookshelf, there were literally dozens of books that fell into the category of “How to Cope When You Hate Your Job.” One of them I’d just bought the week before.

As I stood there, the dots began to connect in my mind, and a gruesome realization became manifest.

I was staring at the evidence of the fact that for over ten years, I’d been in a job that I despised.




It was a realization that, to be candid, made me nauseous.

And it was that day that my life began to change forever, because it was the day when I realized that I simply could not continue on the same path.

Too much time was passing, and too fast.

My life was too valuable.

My dreams were too big.

My ache for work that was meaningful and satisfying and happy was overwhelming.

And suddenly, I wasn’t willing to suffer any more with a job or a career that was less than everything I wanted.

It wasn’t long after that moment that I hired my first coach.

And it wasn’t long after that that everything began to change.

I opted in to a layoff.

I started my own business.

That business began to grow exponentially.

I began to serve thousands of people worldwide.

And in the process, I found joy, happiness and career satisfaction that I could never have previously imagined.

Yes, it required me to be braver than I’d ever been before.

And it was SO worth it.

Which brings me to today’s question:

How long do YOU intend to wait to find a job you love?

If you could have everything you wanted, how would that feel?

If you could wake up every day and go to a job where you loved your work, loved your colleagues, loved your career path and KNEW that it was perfect for you, what kind of a difference would that make in your life?

How long do you intend to wait to feel like that?

How long is long enough?

A week from today, I’m opening early bird sales on an online course that has taken the better part of the last four months of my life to create.

It is designed to get YOU into a job you love, and it contains EVERYTHING I know about how to land your perfect job in the new economy.

It’s called the Ultimate Job Seeker’s Toolkit, and you can learn more about it here.

It is the most ambitious endeavor I’ve ever undertaken, and it has been a boatload of hard work.

And every single moment of it has been worth it, because it is going to help people like me– people like YOU– to stop suffering on the job and find work that they love.

So today, I want to ask you to consider the following.

Maybe one more day, one more month, one more year, is TOO LONG.

Maybe the price of staying in a job you hate is TOO HIGH.

Maybe it’s time for you to decide that you’ve had enough.


The Ultimate Job Seeker’s Toolkit launches April 2nd.  I’d love for you to join me in this jam-packed online course about how to find a job you love.

But even if you don’t, know this:

You are here for a reason.
You deserve to be happy.
Your career is yours for the making.

You don’t need to waste another day, month or year on a career or a job that fails to give you what you want.

And I’m hoping that when a fork in the road presents itself, as it did for me– and it will– that you choose joy, you choose bravery, you choose HOPE.

That you choose to believe that everything you want is not only possible, but waiting for you.

Because I’m here to tell you that it is.

Can you hear the life you are meant to be living calling your name?

Wishing you a wild, wonderful, and joyous week.


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4 thoughts on “How Long Do YOU Intend to Wait?

  1. I’ve been stagnating for years at a job and living in a community that eats at my soul. I’ve read all sorts of books on the topic, watched online videos, talked to people about it, etc. The one thing I have yet to figure out is: how do I get a job I love making more than I do now where I can afford to purchase health insurance that covers a chronic condition I’ve had since the age of 4? No one has that answer and I’m stumped. This condition has been my leash and I must see a doctor about it to know how I’m doing. It’s an eye disease. I long to do more with my life, even wish to move to Arizona. But I don’t know how. So my heart aches and I seem to die a little more each day being stuck in a place where I don’t belong. Out of all the books I’ve read and life coaches I follow online, none of them ever mention anything about health conditions and insurance. It’s disappointing.

    1. Hi Maurie–

      Thanks so much for your comment. It’s true, health insurance is a major issue when it comes to job transition. I’ve had a number of clients, however, in circumstances such as yours, who have had great results from seeking out insurance on My understanding is that Obamacare prevents insurance companies from refusing to cover you due to pre-existing conditions, and in some cases, the insurance available through that site is cheaper than employer-offered plans.

      Have a look and see if that might help you. Wishing you all the best at work and in life.


  2. Hi Elizabeth – your article speaks to my heart. I do keeping stacks of books with similar titles at home and expect to find myself from the reading and admittedly i am stuck at the role. I have got a healthy family that are being really supportive while they wish i should have a stable life (a.k.a paycheck each month) lest being out of job for a couple of months or i have a plan to move aboard for a period to live on my own which i haven’t experienced for last thirty plus years. they seem not understand me and my energy has been drained out – bad dreams and depriving from sleep. i have read your another article earlier on and these hit the spots about “time to leave a job”. what’s my next stop if a book or read not really help?

    1. Hi Viv– believe me, I understand your struggle. Here’s a fundamental baseline question: do you know what you want to do next professionally? The answer to that question is a really important one before anyone can plot out how to make that transition. If you don’t know the answer, do some digging and consider hiring a coach. I did about two years of coaching before deciding it was time to make the leap to something new. If what you’re after instead is a new job in your current field that allows you to travel and/or live abroad, that’s something that we can tackle as a part of The Ultimate Job Seeker’s Toolkit. Check out the link to the right.

      Wishing you all sorts of luck as you continue down your path!


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