Organizing Your Goals for Fall

photo (2)In the last week, I’ve been on a complete organizational kick with regard to my goals. Something about entering the last quarter of the year, and the immense things I’ve got coming up later on this fall and into early 2015, has had me jonesing for new oversight of what remains in my 2014 outlook.

Maybe you’ve felt the same way too.

To me, there’s nothing that feels better than having a PLAN.

So without further ado, this week, I’m letting you in on my three-step process to get your goals organized for the last quarter of the year.


Five Steps to Streamline Your Life for Fall

shutterstock_72388972While some may say that Spring is the best time of year to do your professional and emotional housecleaning, my favorite time of year to do that is actually right now. There’s something about the impending fall, with its cool withdrawal and turn toward inward focus, that invites contemplation and refinement in my own life.

For that reason, when I returned from my summer vacation this past week, I decided it was time to get organized personally and professionally for the rest of the year.

This was not an easy task, as I realized while I was away that I really needed to tackle some areas of overwhelm that had been preventing me from functioning at my highest level and that needed my attention NOW.

As a result, I spent the better part of Monday working through a five step process to get my life in order for the next four months.

This is a process I work through routinely with my one-on-one coaching clients, and today, I’m offering it to you. It’s seamless, awesome, and effective, and I think you’ll find that it will immediately set you up for success for the remainder of the year.

Here’s five steps to streamline your life down to what really matters this fall. (tweet this)


Happy Holidays!

Hello wonderful readers!!!

This morning, we were up super-early with my kids for a wonderful Christmas morning.  It’s been a great day so far.

I am writing today just to express how grateful I am for your readership throughout 2013.  Your comments, emails and contributions have meant the world to me.

As for the blog, I am taking this week and next off to spend time with my family.  I’ll be back with a new post on January 8th.

And I’ll be spending a chunk of next week working on several new offerings in 2014 that are sure to rock your world.  More on that soon!

Wishing you and all those you love a wonderful holiday season!


How to Kick Ass at Your New Job

The results of last week’s survey were fascinating! Thanks to everyone who participated.

The number one issue that leapt out of the survey results surprised me. It turns out that while many of you love the video format of these weekly newsletters, equal numbers of you would like to see more written posts that are accessible to you, say, while you’re riding the subway or reading on your iPhone during your lunch breaks.

And so today, I’m giving you a written blog to satisfy all you readers out there, on a topic requested by several of the survey participants. Paraphrasing several suggestions, that topic is How to Kick Ass in Your New Job.

Here, in short, digestible bullet format, is all you need to know:

  • Be enthusiastic, eager and ready to work. First impressions are everything, and are very hard to change once made. Accordingly, it’s very important that you make sure that when you show up at your new job, you convey your eagerness to do what needs to be done. Volunteer for assignments. Do your best work and do it on schedule. Show that you are a go-getter by being friendly and accepting of your new workload. Play by the rules. Make your best mark in the first six months and you will REALLY have to mess up in the future to destroy that first impression reputation. It’s good stuff. (more…)