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What I Learned From My Digital Detox

shutterstock_220489903For years, I’ve been recommending that my clients take daily breaks from online activities– often for as long as three hours a day if they can swing it.

And indeed, daily breaks from the phone have been a practice of mine for as long as I can remember. I know and understand the benefits.

Until last week, however, I’d never done a full-on digital detox– meaning no social media whatsoever– of any serious and/or challenging length.

(And trust me, when you run a digital business (or two), it’s awfully hard to imagine unplugging from what often feels like your professional and financial lifeline by doing this. Fear is often a good justifier/excuse for not doing what you know needs to be done.)

Last week, however, I hit a breaking point.

A coach I’ve been working with– because even the best coaches need coaches themselves; this is the first one I’ve worked with for my own betterment in a while– saw that I was near a breaking point in terms of how hard I’d been pushing myself, the stress I was under, and the almost unbearable effects it was having on my physical and mental well-being.

(Not that my health care and personal wellness professionals hadn’t been pointing to the same thing for months. They had. I just didn’t listen).

By mid-last week, I was feeling truly awful in a number of very significant ways.

And so my coach ordered me, in no uncertain terms, on to a 48 hour digital detox.

“But what about x deadline, y newsletter, all this usual stuff I do all by myself, every week, with no help? Those things have to fire to social media, and if I don’t do them, I’ll be letting everyone down.”

“Nothing that you are doing,” she said to me, “can’t wait a few days.”

And so, at the instruction of my coach, in addition to 48 hours of digital detox, I also offloaded anything work-related, digital or not, that didn’t feel easeful or like an invitation, for the next three plus days.

Perhaps if I hadn’t been feeling so terrible, I would have ignored these instructions, as I had ignored others so many times before. But this time, I did not.

And let me tell you, after 48 full-on hours off digital, and three-plus full days not working, the things I learned were profound.


Pulling it All Together When Your To-Do List is Out of Control

shutterstock_104804687Perhaps you, like me, are having one of those weeks where your to-do list is OUT. OF. CONTROL.

This week alone, I’ve had over fifty things I needed to accomplish on any given day, and at last count, I was receiving somewhere in the range of 300+ emails a day.

Combine that with coaching clients, meeting with my PR team, meeting with my web designer, taking my daughter to school, and cramming in time with my family whenever I can, and it’s enough to spin anyone into overwhelm.

So how do I handle it?

I’ve got a couple of life-altering strategies that make it all possible. Read on.


Productivity Apps to Up Your Game

shutterstock_177863339In the last few weeks, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for details on how I stay organized and on top of my game, while running two growing businesses and being the primary breadwinner for a family of four, with two kids under the age of three.

Trust me, it’s not easy. And without technology, it would be impossible.

Every day, on top of coaching my clients, managing the launch team for 40 Percent and Rising, and doing a whole slew of other things to propel my businesses and my family forward, I also manage our money, schedule our lives, and deal with every day mundane things like (ahem) taxes– which incidentally are due today if you filed for an extension for 2013!

And so, this week, I thought I’d share with you my favorite apps and resources for keeping my life in order every day. Some of them are total lifesavers. All of them will help you to stay on top of your game, too.

Here they are. Enjoy.