What I Learned from Accidentally Pissing Off a Celebrity

oopsIn my professional world, there are a few people who are true celebrities– people every coach I know would love to hang with, to learn from, heck, to be.

One of them is someone I’ve considered a mentor for a long time. I’m a graduate of one of her programs, and I’ve learned more from her than I could ever say.

So imagine my horror when last week, I inadvertently insulted her, and made her really, really mad.

We all make mistakes on the job, and sometimes those mistakes garner the wrath of others. This moment turned out to be a true opportunity to practice what I preach when it comes to how to best handle a professional screw-up.

Here’s how it all went down. (more…)

Who’s on YOUR Board of Directors?

Many moons ago, I was introduced to the concept that we all have a Board of Directors in our heads. These include the voices that tell us we’re worthless, we’re too scared to proceed, or we’re stupid for making x or y choice years ago. I work with coaching clients all the time to get these particular “Directors” under control.

But what if you got to choose your own Board of Directors? What if you could pick anyone, living or dead, to be your best and closest advisors, to be on call whenever you needed them? What if you could choose to listen only to those who you admire, those who admire you and those who have your best interests at heart?

Enter Napoleon Hill, the author of what is now a very famous book called “Think and Grow Rich.” He discusses in that book how he decided on an “imaginary council” of those he admired and sought to emulate, both living and dead, from whom he would seek advice in meditation every night before bed. (more…)

How to Kick Ass at Your New Job

The results of last week’s survey were fascinating! Thanks to everyone who participated.

The number one issue that leapt out of the survey results surprised me. It turns out that while many of you love the video format of these weekly newsletters, equal numbers of you would like to see more written posts that are accessible to you, say, while you’re riding the subway or reading on your iPhone during your lunch breaks.

And so today, I’m giving you a written blog to satisfy all you readers out there, on a topic requested by several of the survey participants. Paraphrasing several suggestions, that topic is How to Kick Ass in Your New Job.

Here, in short, digestible bullet format, is all you need to know:

  • Be enthusiastic, eager and ready to work. First impressions are everything, and are very hard to change once made. Accordingly, it’s very important that you make sure that when you show up at your new job, you convey your eagerness to do what needs to be done. Volunteer for assignments. Do your best work and do it on schedule. Show that you are a go-getter by being friendly and accepting of your new workload. Play by the rules. Make your best mark in the first six months and you will REALLY have to mess up in the future to destroy that first impression reputation. It’s good stuff. (more…)

Interviewing 101

There are a few basic career skills that literally everyone needs to master in order to progress professionally.  We’ve tackled some of them here before– networking and how to find a mentor, among others.

This week, I’m talking about another basic job skill that is critical to your career: how to give a great interview.  Check out the video below.