COMING SOON: The Ultimate Job Seeker’s Toolkit!

JobSeekerToolkit-logo (1)(Gah. I am so excited to post this I can hardly breathe.)

For several years now, I’ve been trying to come up with a way to help all those I meet who are miserable in their current jobs but aren’t interested in one-on-one coaching. Today, I’m announcing the result.

On April 2nd, I’ll be launching The Ultimate Job Seeker’s Toolkit, an online, entirely customizable course designed to teach anyone on a job hunt all they need to know to find a job they love in the new economy.

This program shares everything I’ve learned about job hunting over the past twenty years– and in the new economy in particular– and I’m putting it all to work FOR YOU.

Want to know more?

My VIP List for the launch opens TODAY.

Get on it, and you’ll be the first to know about Early Bird pricing in advance of launch.

You’ll also get access RIGHT NOW to my FREE video, The Three Keys to a Successful Job Search.

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How to Network Your Way Into a New Job

70572-20140129Late last week, I was talking to two different clients who have trans-continental job searches underway.

As usual, we were talking about how networking can make or break a job search, and particularly how important networking is to job searching in this economy.

Both of them are about to take off for research trips to another part of the country to further their job searches. In advance of their trips, I decided to share with both of them my secret method to networking your way into a new job.

What is it? It’s something I rarely share outside of private coaching sessions, but I’ve decided to share it with you today.

It’s something I call the Spiderweb Approach. (more…)

The Nasty Habit That May Be Keeping You From the Job of Your Dreams

self-blameI’ve been working a lot lately with junior and mid-level executives, most of whom completed business or law school somewhere between 2007 and 2011, and who have really been hit hardest by the recession.

These bright, smart, talented folks entered graduate school at a time when all was well in the global marketplace.  What they found when they got out was something entirely different.

Some of these people have yet to land a full-time job.  Others are in jobs that are far from fulfilling.  Still others have had to detour from their desired career just to make ends meet.

Most of us look at this state of affairs and know immediately that the economy is at fault.  Not so with some of my clients.  They’ve adopted a different explanation that goes by one nasty moniker.  What is it? (more…)

How to Deal with an Abusive Boss

A few weeks ago, I sent out a survey to all you wonderful people, in which I asked you to tell me about topics you would like to see me address in a future post. Sadly, one of the top three topics suggested was “how to deal with an abusive boss.”

I was unfortunately not surprised to see this topic in that placement. When I coach or teach in public fora, I always leave time at the end for folks to come speak to me privately, and bar none, this topic is the one that comes up most often in those one-on-one discussions. It is also the case that most of my clients have at one time or another been employed by someone who was abusive.

In case you’re wondering whether you fall into this bucket, let’s talk a little bit about what abuse in the workplace looks like. Here’s a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you been told that your work is worthless, that no one else would ever hire you, that your boss can’t believe s/he’s paying you for this [expletive]? (more…)