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The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership now has its own podcast!

The Women’s Leadership Podcast is hosted by Elizabeth, and features advice, information and interviews covering all aspects of women’s leadership.

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Find a Job You LOVE. Today’s the day!

As you probably know, I’ve been working for a long time now to help folks like you find a job and career that they adore.

Of course, the problem is that I can only help so many people in one-on-one coaching, and not everyone can afford to coach privately.

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How Long Do YOU Intend to Wait?

hatemyjobIn early 2009, during a fit of spring cleaning, I made a gruesome discovery.

I found an old tote bag in the back of my closet, seemingly full of junk, the contents of which dated back to roughly 1999.

At the bottom of that bag was a book. The title now escapes me, but the theme was familiar.

It was something like . . .

“How to Be Happy at Work”


“What to Do When You’re Miserable on the Job”


“How to Deal with Horrible Bosses”

As I pulled that book out of the bag, I began to wonder how many other books I owned that shared the same theme.  Sure enough, when I went over to my bookshelf, there were literally dozens of books that fell into the category of “How to Cope When You Hate Your Job.” One of them I’d just bought the week before.

As I stood there, the dots began to connect in my mind, and a gruesome realization became manifest.


Who’s in Charge of YOUR Career? Good Question.

shutterstock_163917194Recently, I wrote a post for MindBodyGreen, on 31 ways to “be the change” you wish to see in the world, that went viral.

Twelve thousand-odd shares later, after a wildly positive response, I got a tiny bit of negative feedback on one item: the idea that we should all acknowledge our part in workplace conflict, and strive to rectify it.

One reader wrote the following to me on Facebook: “This is all crap . . . Sorry, but when work is full of sharks and weak bosses who are lead by idiots; this cannot apply. You will be eaten alive.”

Now, I don’t take it personally when people write things like this, because it’s all part of the conversation I’m engaged in, and I like the conversation. Some negative comments actually get me thinking about issues that are front and center for my clients, and thus motivate me to help others to overcome challenges they’re facing, so it’s all good.

And true to form, this contribution to the conversation got me thinking about an insidious issue that many of my clients face in the workplace, which is revealed dramatically in the reader’s comment.

What is it? (more…)