Ivanka Trump, Perez Hilton and Me– Or, Why Basic Networking is Not Enough

IMG_3751Those of you who are regular readers of my blog know how adamant I am about the importance of networking.

I’ve written quite a bit before about my Spiderweb Approach to networking, how I teach it to my clients, and how you can apply it to your work and life.

Basic networking, however, is only part of the story of your success.

Why? Because it’s what you do once you’re connected to folks who take an interest in your success that matters most.

Which brings me to the story of how I ended up PMing with Perez Hilton on Twitter about technology management, my speaking engagement tonight at the 92nd Street Y, and being bicoastal with a family.

But first, a little backstory.


Got Faith?

shutterstock_123836719For years, people have been telling me that a big part of generating abundance in life is having faith that the Universe is on your side, that all is happening as it should, and that all will arrive in its time.

Without a doubt, that’s true.

However, if you’re like me, you tend to worry a little– scratch that, a lot– that maybe things don’t actually work that way, and panic is a better option. (LOL.)

I’ve even been known to think that if I don’t worry, I won’t be prepared for what’s coming next.

A funny thing has happened to me over the last few months, however: I’ve stepped into a place of faith.

No, I don’t mean that in the religious sense.

I mean it in the sense of trusting that “all is working out for the best.”

I mean it in the sense of having patience that all I want is on its way to me.

I mean it in the sense that I can actually, to a really substantial degree, let go of worry.

So how did I get here?


What’s Your Plan?

photo (9)Today is the first day of the second quarter of 2015.¬†That means it’s time to talk about one of my favorite topics: planning.

Why? Well, the answer has something to do with practicality.

Right around January 1, we’re all always hopped up on the start of a new year, the hope of succeeding at our New Year’s Resolutions, and the gift of annual inspiration that comes along for the ride.

By April 1, however, many of those New Year’s Resolutions may have tanked, our financial planning may have gotten a little hinky, and we’ve faced some unexpected challenges that life always brings.

That’s why I love retackling my goals at the start of the second quarter. It’s a more practical, grounded time to look at your goals, and simultaneously a great time for growth– the perfect time to set a revised and detailed plan for the upcoming 3, 6 and 9 months.

As a result, for the past week, I’ve been engaged in some serious updated planning for the next quarter and beyond. Here’s the steps I’ve taken that you too can follow to complete an ideal quarterly review.


Pulling it All Together When Your To-Do List is Out of Control

shutterstock_104804687Perhaps you, like me, are having one of those weeks where your to-do list is OUT. OF. CONTROL.

This week alone, I’ve had over fifty things I needed to accomplish on any given day, and at last count, I was receiving somewhere in the range of 300+ emails a day.

Combine that with coaching clients, meeting with my PR team, meeting with my web designer, taking my daughter to school, and cramming in time with my family whenever I can, and it’s enough to spin anyone into overwhelm.

So how do I handle it?

I’ve got a couple of life-altering strategies that make it all possible. Read on.