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“I Will Do Whatever it Takes”

photoA couple of weeks ago, as the vast force of energy behind my new endeavor, 40 Percent and Rising, began to really propel forward, my family and I had a weekend when we were basically flat-out broke. I’ve invested a lot of money in this new endeavor, and we were stretched awfully thin. It was painful, and scary, and not at all fun.

And at the end of that weekend, determined to change things for all of us, I committed to the ideal that we’d never have another weekend like the one that had just passed.

As a part of that commitment, I made a vow: over and over again to myself, to the Universe, and to anyone who would listen, I repeated: “I will do whatever it takes to have the life I want.”

It was my way of telling the Universe that I was all in.

It became a mantra.

On the subway, in my brain, during meditation: “I will do whatever it takes to have the life I want.”

Next to my computer, tacked up on a sticky note: “I will do whatever it takes.”

At work, on the phone, in every decision I made, I repeated it, saying “I’m all in. I will do whatever it takes.”

I was thinking about what all that meant in very practical terms.

And then . . . well, then came tragedy.


Who’s in Charge of YOUR Career? Good Question.

shutterstock_163917194Recently, I wrote a post for MindBodyGreen, on 31 ways to “be the change” you wish to see in the world, that went viral.

Twelve thousand-odd shares later, after a wildly positive response, I got a tiny bit of negative feedback on one item: the idea that we should all acknowledge our part in workplace conflict, and strive to rectify it.

One reader wrote the following to me on Facebook: “This is all crap . . . Sorry, but when work is full of sharks and weak bosses who are lead by idiots; this cannot apply. You will be eaten alive.”

Now, I don’t take it personally when people write things like this, because it’s all part of the conversation I’m engaged in, and I like the conversation. Some negative comments actually get me thinking about issues that are front and center for my clients, and thus motivate me to help others to overcome challenges they’re facing, so it’s all good.

And true to form, this contribution to the conversation got me thinking about an insidious issue that many of my clients face in the workplace, which is revealed dramatically in the reader’s comment.

What is it? (more…)

How to Network Your Way Into a New Job

70572-20140129Late last week, I was talking to two different clients who have trans-continental job searches underway.

As usual, we were talking about how networking can make or break a job search, and particularly how important networking is to job searching in this economy.

Both of them are about to take off for research trips to another part of the country to further their job searches. In advance of their trips, I decided to share with both of them my secret method to networking your way into a new job.

What is it? It’s something I rarely share outside of private coaching sessions, but I’ve decided to share it with you today.

It’s something I call the Spiderweb Approach. (more…)