How Long Do YOU Intend to Wait?

hatemyjobIn early 2009, during a fit of spring cleaning, I made a gruesome discovery.

I found an old tote bag in the back of my closet, seemingly full of junk, the contents of which dated back to roughly 1999.

At the bottom of that bag was a book. The title now escapes me, but the theme was familiar.

It was something like . . .

“How to Be Happy at Work”


“What to Do When You’re Miserable on the Job”


“How to Deal with Horrible Bosses”

As I pulled that book out of the bag, I began to wonder how many other books I owned that shared the same theme.  Sure enough, when I went over to my bookshelf, there were literally dozens of books that fell into the category of “How to Cope When You Hate Your Job.” One of them I’d just bought the week before.

As I stood there, the dots began to connect in my mind, and a gruesome realization became manifest.


Books to Change Your Life

Hey there!

I hope you’re having a great week as we approach the Memorial Day holiday here in the US.

Just in time for summer beach-reading season, today I’m answering one of the questions I get asked the most frequently by my clients and friends, namely “got any good books to recommend?”

I sure do!  I read constantly and I keep a running list of transformational books that I recommend to clients. Check out this week’s video for the first in what will be a regular installment on my video blog: Books to Change Your Life.

If you’re interested in checking out these books yourself, you can find links to purchase or download them below!

Buy Book #1 here, or download it here.

Buy Book #2 here, or download it here.

Buy Book #3 here, or download it here.

Buy Book #4 here, or download it here. (more…)